Community Job Fair

International Job Expo

Connect with business around the world each year in an epic annual three day festival with companies from the USA, Caribbean, Africa and Europe.

Job expo

It is a special day connecting  talents with companies. we specializes in the career change for  global talents, which is the reason this event is possible.

 Talk to HR Representatives and Employees directly!
Companies of various industries participate this event from around the world. Also, companies that are not well known in will be attends as well. It will be a chance to meet companies with a promising future!
 A chance to obtain information about global companies who are ofering international jobs!
By speaking with the HR Representative directly, it is possible to get an idea of the company atmosphere and information that is not mentioned on the corporate website. It is also possible to clarify any concerns or questions that is not possible to ask during interviews, which will help you prepare for the employment process.

Global job expo will also be promoted live online where you can virtually meet companies.

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Awareness Event

DON’T SUFFER ALONE from Cancer, Sickle cell, MS or Stroke. Or you can help bring awareness to these causes.

Sickness can be such a monster to bear, it’s good to know that there is help out there if things get really bad. We’re here to raise money for the Vibes International Awareness Festival for the aid of those suffering every day from an invisible illness and to help promote and educate about natual prevention and cures. In addition to these causes we will also raise awareness to help prevent crimes caused by  Gun violence, Domestic violence against women, Human Trafficking and Homelessness and how they take lives and hinders more people than you think on a day-to-day basis.

Please join us for a great cause and thank you so much for your support!



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